now account


A NOW account earns interest on its average daily balance while giving the depositor the ability to write checks on the account. On interest bearing accounts, except time certificates of deposit, we reserve the right to require at least seven days written notice before any withdrawal or transfer. Business corporations and partnerships are prohibited by law from opening a NOW account.

A minimum deposit of $1,000.00 is required to open a NOW account.

Service Charges 

 A service charge of $2.00 will be charged if the average daily balance for the month falls below $1,000.00. A per item service charge of 14¢ will be charged for each check or paper debit (per item debit) during a month if the average daily balance for the month falls below $3,000.00.

There is no service charge for direct debits or credits through the Automated Clearinghouse system (ACH). We allow electronic check transactions to post to your NOW account.

You may apply for a debit card to use with your NOW account. If your application is accepted, you may incur charges from use of the debit card. Such charges are disclosed in a separate statement upon application for a debit card.

You may apply for internet banking access for this account.  If your application is accepted, you may incur charges related to your internet banking activities.  These charges are disclosed in a separate agreement upon application. 

The categories of transactions for which an overdraft charge may be imposed are those created by any of the following means: check, draft, in-person withdrawal,  or other electronic means. Any other charges that you may incur are disclosed in a separate statement given to you with this notice.

Interest Earnings

Interest earned is credited and compounded to the account monthly. If you close your account before interest is credited, you will not receive the accrued interest.

Interest is calculated on the average daily balance. Such average balance of an account is determined by adding the balance of the account for each day of the month and dividing that sum by the number of days in the month.

Interest begins to accrue on non-cash deposits no later than the business day on which the deposit posts to the account.  Checks are considered non-cash items.

The interest rate and Annual Percentage Yield may change. At our discretion, we may change the interest rate on your account monthly. The account statement will report the Annual Percentage Yield. You may call the bank anytime to learn the current interest rate your account is earning. Account statements are rendered monthly unless there is no activity in the account. If there is no activity statements will be rendered at least quarterly.

Additional Information 

You may order printed checks from us or from any other source. Our only requirement is that the MICR encoding of routing and account numbers is acceptable to all scanning equipment. If the checks you order elsewhere are of poor encoding quality, we will require you to obtain better quality checks.

Account statements are sent to you monthly unless there is no activity in the account.

If you have questions about your account charges please contact us at:

Brunswick State Bank   Brunswick State Bank
POB 29   Winnetoon Branch Office
Brunswick, NE 68720 or POB 131
402/842-2435   Winnetoon, NE 68789
888/393-7945   402/847-3223