Cybercriminals often find creative ways to spread malware, and this recent scam is no exception. They are posting malicious links in the comment sections of video gaming websites and forums. If you click on one of the links, it will download a .zip file for a program called Cheat Lab. The software is enticing to gamers since it claims to help them cheat at their favorite games. The software doesn’t actually help players cheat, but it does help cybercriminals gain access to your personal data.

At first glance, Cheat Lab appears to be a legitimate program and even has an activation code. If you install it, there is a message with an offer to receive a free version of the software if you send it to your friends. However, the program is actually malware. Once you have installed it, cybercriminals will gain access to your sensitive information. Even worse, if you follow the instructions in the message and send it to all your friends, cybercriminals might also gain access to your friends’ data!

Follow these tips to avoid falling victim to a malware scam:
• Be skeptical of offers and deals. If you find a link for a free product that seems too good to be true, it probably is.
• When downloading software, be mindful of the source. Legitimate companies do not distribute their software by posting links in comments. You should only download software from a trusted company or source.
• This scam targets gamers, but similar tactics could be used against anyone. Always stop and think before clicking on a link.



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