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If you are unable to get your questions answered here, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would be glad to explain anything you need to know about Brunswick State Bank or our services.

Brunswick State Bank - 888-393-7945
Brunswick Office - 402-842-2435
Winnetoon Office - 402-847-3223

What Is Retail Online Banking?

Brunswick State Bank Internet Banking is a free and convenient way to access your accounts without going to the bank.

Retail Online Banking is available to you from your home or office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just by using your computer, or BSB’s Mobile App on your smartphone. 

What Can I Do With Retail Online Banking?

Monthly statements are now available on Retail Online, click on the account to view, then go to documents and enter your date range - submit. You can access your checking, savings, line of credit, certificates of deposits, or loans to verify balances, view transactions, *transfer money between accounts, and export information to your personal financial software. It also has a Bill Pay option for paying your bills. Brunswick State Bank has Transfer Money also. This feature allows you to *transfer your money between accounts at separate banks.

*Some restrictions apply to transfers (ask our Financial Services Representatives for clarification).

What Is Bill Pay?

If you have Bill Pay you will need to use Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox to log into Retail Online to access Bill Pay. Bill Pay is a FREE service available to you to pay all your bills online. No more writing checks and no more trips to the post office. Just login, tell us who you want to pay, how much, and when. It's that easy. You can pay individual bills, or schedule regular payments. Additional services within Bill Pay are Transfer Money (which is also a Free Service). It's all part of our continuing effort to provide you with the most complete banking services available. Forgot to pay a bill? Bill pay offers a “rush payment” option for an additional fee.

   Pay Bills - make a one-time payment or set up a recurring payments Payment Calendar - displays scheduled and processed payments

   Email Alerts - remind you of due dates and notify you when your payments have been sent

   Payment History - access up to 7 years of payment history and view transaction detail

   Merchant Accounts - add, modify, or delete account information for companies (e.g. set up accounts for: utility companies, Credit 
    cards, loan payments, etc.)

   Transfer Money – transfer money between accounts at separate banks.


Is Retail Online Banking Private and Secure?

Yes. Brunswick State Bank has incorporated state-of-the-art security into its Internet Banking to ensure both privacy and security. We require passwords, data encryption, firewalls and internal security procedures.

What Is Data Encryption?

256-bit electronic data encryption provides privacy for the data flowing between your computer and the bank's online server. It prevents outsiders from reading the information.

What Can I Do To Protect Myself?

Your User ID and Password provide one of the most important security features for Retail Online Banking. You can select and change your password at any time preventing unauthorized online access to your accounts.

Other Security Procedures:

Keep your web browser software up-to-date to take advantage of the latest security enhancements.

Take precautions to keep your computers free from viruses that might be used to capture password keystrokes or send information from your hard drive.

Please be careful where you choose to do your Internet Banking and what you do with your transaction data.

Free WIFI is not secure, please don’t log into online banking with free WIFI.

If you get an unexpected web page or email asking you for your debit card, password or account information, DO NOT disclose this information. Contact the bank for further instructions. The Brunswick State Bank does not ask for or verify account information through email or other web pages. If you are not sure about the request or if the website doesn’t seem right, call us first.

It is a good idea to shred printouts of your account information before discarding them.

Who Do I Contact If I Have Problems Or Questions?

Brunswick State Bank - 888-393-7945

Brunswick Office - 402-842-2435 or Winnetoon Office - 402-847-3223

How Do I Get Started?

If you have an account with Brunswick State Bank, you will need to visit our website at Click on the Online Enrollment button in the upper right hand corner. This will guide you through the enrollment process. 

How Long Will It Take To Get Setup For Retail Online Banking?

Right away as soon as you finish signing up.

What if I get Locked Out?

You will have three sessions before you are locked out and have to call the bank.
1st Session – after 3 invalid attempts customer is locked out of IB for 30 minutes then they can try again - they
will also need to answer 3 security questions.
2nd Session - after 3 invalid attempts customer is locked out of IB for 30 minutes then they can try again -
they will also need to answer 2 security questions..
3rd Session - after 3 invalid attempts customer is locked out of IB for 30 minutes then they can try again - they
will also need to answer 1 security question.
4th Time – locked out - need to call the bank or choose forgot password - this password only lasts for 30 minutes.

Mobile Banking Advantages

Mobile Banking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on phone. You have access to important account information and functions - day or night - whether you are at home, at work or traveling.

(Please log into Internet Banking before logging into Mobile Banking and verify your username only contains acceptable characters. Changes can be made under your Profile then Password.)


Mobile App Banking and Mobile Browser Banking are secure.

Password required each time you log in. Face ID and Finger Print are now available on certain devices.

Uses the same multiple layers of security as Retail Online Banking.

Text Banking security

Displays account nicknames that you set, not account numbers.

No, personal information is sent or displayed.


Download our Mobile App

The app can be found by searching your smartphone’s application store, either the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, simply use your Retail Online Banking credentials to log in. The Apps are located on our Home Page as well.

Do I need to be enrolled in Retail Online Banking to use Mobile Banking?


Do I need to sign up for Mobile Banking?

You will enroll in Mobile Banking at the same time you are enrolling for Retail Online Banking.

Text Banking?
Log onto Retail Online to enroll in Text Banking. 

Is there a wait period to use Mobile Banking?

There is no wait period.

For the Mobile Banking App: Once you have downloaded and installed the app, simply log in using the same user ID and password used for Online Banking.

For Mobile Browser Banking: From your mobile browser, login to Online Banking at  using the same credentials.

For Text Banking: Users will initially log in to Retail Online Banking to enroll for Text Banking, then follow the on-screen prompts to begin using our Text Banking service right away.

Do I need a new username or password?

No. Use the same Retail Online Banking user ID and password. If you change your Retail Online Banking password, the Mobile Banking password will automatically change as well. You can not change your password using the BSB app.

What if I lose a mobile device?

You can deactivate the device by following these steps:

Login to Retail Online Banking and access Mobiliti preferences.

Locate the phone number and select the option ‘Stop using this device for Mobile Banking.’ Or call us at 888-393-7945


Is Mobile Banking Free?

Yes, our Mobile Banking service is free. However, fees apply for Popmoney (person-to-person payments) and Mobile Deposit Capture made through Mobile Banking App.

Message and data rates may apply.

How do I set up alerts?

It’s easy. Just log in to the Mobile Banking app, go to more, alerts and enable push notifications.

Can I add new payees from Mobile Bill Pay?

Yes, you can add a new payee to your list.

Do I need to sign up for Mobile Deposit?

Yes, go to our Home Page fill out the Mobile Deposit Enrollment listed under secure forms.

Is there a Fee for Mobile Deposit?

Yes, $.50 per deposit. Only one check per deposit.

How should I endorse a Mobile Deposit check?

Be sure that the back of the check is endorsed, as usual, and include the words ‘Mobile Deposit Only’ to identify the check as a Mobile Deposit. Any improper endorsement will be rejected. You will receive an email if the check was deposited or rejected. 

What are the cutoff times for Mobile Deposit?

9:45 A.M, 11:45 A.M, 1:45 P.M., 3:45 P.M. CST.

When will I be able to view my Mobile Deposit?

When you deposit a check before one of the cutoff times above, you will be able to view the deposit 20 minutes after that cutoff time.

When are funds available from a Mobile Deposit?

Funds from Mobile Deposits are generally available on the next business day after the day it is received, just like any deposit.

What if I don't see my Deposit?

If Brunswick State Bank rejects the deposit it is moved to REJECT status on the Deposit History Screen. You will receive an email if the check was deposited or rejected. 

What should I do with the paper check after a deposit?

We recommend securely storing the check for 14 business days, then destroying the original paper check.

What types of checks can be deposited?

Any check drawn from a U.S. financial institution can be deposited.

The following items cannot be deposited:
   International checks.
   U.S. saving bonds.
   Postal money orders
   Travelers Checks.

What dollar limits apply to Mobile Deposit?

You may make any number of Mobile Deposits with a limit per check and a daily limit of $5,000. Each Mobile Deposit includes one deposited check only.

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